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"Reliability is not a goal, but a lifestyle"




The many facets of the professional activity of a Rainmaker Lawyer.

  1. A Rainmaker Lawyer does not develop his activity through the supplž of a product, but through the supplž of a service, even if the client can sometimes "experience" the result of the professional work.
  2. What the customer receives is not an opinion, a contract, a letter or a support like in the case of a traditional "legal firm or department", but what really takes place is the "trust" that can be placed in the reliability of Mr. Stefano Giancotti, as a Rainmaker Lawyer, and in the motivated hope that what he really learns will be the solution to his problems.
  3. Since it is a service and not a product, the delivery of something tangible is only the beginning of a relationship, producing an intellectual synergy that will feed in a growing profitable status and prospect for a good rendered service.
  4. Therefore belong intimately to the concept of Rainmaker Lawyer all those material and intellectual components that contribute to identify the parameters of a professional multi-faceted activity, which tend, however, to meet not only the needs expressed in the immediate, but also to highlight for the future the quality of a proven set of services, a casket of well placed confidence.
  5. It is a method adequately identified that concerns the particular ability of the Rainmaker Lawyer who, in contrast with the modus operandi of a traditional "legal firm or department", puts in place such guarantees and dissuasions able to convince the other party not to undermine the "concreteness".
  6. The traditional taking a legal action, in fact, from an active point of view represents the last chance, while from a passive point of view, is a harbinger of embarrassing time statistics that still do not bring honor to the Country home of law.
  7. At the end of a dispute everyone is unhappy: the loser of course, but also the winner, because his reasons have been recognized, but late.
  8. The reciprocal solution, however, allows the parties to create their own "private decision" whose only judicial body, in addition to common sense, is mainly the professional skills of the Rainmaker Lawyer and an indispensable positive will of all parties.

* * * * *

"Achieving a result is not helping each other,

but having worked together in the same direction"

Coincidence between the service provided by the Rainmaker Lawyer and the service perceived by the client.

  1. An important component of the professional contribution that Mr. Stefano Giancotti, as a Rainmaker Lawyer, imprints to his services, is a result of his ability and competence so that the characteristics of the supplied service are coincident with the ones perceived by the client.
  2. The methodology of the professional service of the Rainmaker Lawyer follows trajectories of which the customer must always have a precise personal and cultural knowledge with the aim at identifying new solutions for a global and structured personal knowledge of clear objectives in response to the needs of the client himself.
  3. This happens because the Rainmaker Lawyer is able at any time of his activity to sort out his sensitivity and competence not only towards what is better for the client, but to worry that the latter can see that all activities are absolutely coincident with his wishes.
  4. In fact, the client's "needs" must be protected not only in the immediate and it is for this reason that the Rainmaker Lawyer implements those intellectual procedures, so that the offered service leads to the full realization of those "needs", that resisting to the passing of time and the varying of rules, implies a flexibility of its components so that to make it consistent, effective and applicable to the constantly evolving reality.
  5. In such a context, Attorney Stefano Giancotti, as a Rainmaker Lawyer, has a human and professional attitude required to face the client's needs, to implement some analysis and procedures to meet the priorities, resolving problems in a profitable way, all by means of the so-called "processes" that is, those activities organized to achieve the result.
  6. All this explains how the mental process that legitimizes the Rainmaker Lawyer is continuous, constant, in evolution, and is the constitutive element of everyday work, functional and most of all necessary, unavoidable force which maintains a single direction: the client.

* * * * *

"It is not enough not to work against the client:

You have to operate according to the client's goals"

The client is at the centre of the Rainmaker Lawyer's activity.

  1. The behaviour of the Rainmaker Lawyer, as a necessary component of his own professional capacity and of the service offered leads to consider a basic concept: the centrality of the client.
  2. The client, with his personality, his desires, his fears, his fears and his needs, becomes the cornerstone of all legal activities, of every improving process and every psychological and professional contribution that the Rainmaker Lawyer put in place to protect his own client.
  3. The client himself will not be a mere purchaser of a predetermined service, but he will be able create a sort of feed-back with the Rainmaker Lawyer, a series of intellectual exchanges through which he may first of all acknowledge the efforts, but also consider the results achieved as savings, income and risks reduction.
  4. The role of the Rainmaker Lawyer, in this script, will be the one to make of the assisted a nodal center in his professional activity, the client will be provided such an important assistance and protection to be able to say to him: Work, earn and spend while I will think about all.

* * * * *

"Opinions are not useful
without the opportunity of a meeting"

The meeting between the client and the Rainmaker Lawyer.

  1. Prior to any exchange activity between customer - Rainmaker Lawyer is the meeting between these entities. It is of particular importance only to the client's domicile in order to achieve the operational arrangements necessary to achieve the "solutions" sought but not found yet.
  2. In fact the "legal firm" and the "traditional professional" are no longer center of gravity of the whole, but the client is the real one.
  3. In this way the meeting develops his becoming first strategically and then changes its raison d'etre in operational terms.
  4. The intellectual, cultural and social differences have never been an obstacle, but the right and proper consideration of the diversities and different values are part of a recipe from the different flavors and nuances.
  5. Through other cases, other definitions, and a different socio-cultural, the parameters that make any relational attitude of the Rainmaker Lawyer positive or negative, are always the the same.
  6. Once you fully understand the consitutive elements of the "problem", the Rainmaker Lawyer assesses the possible results according to various criteria, like the earning, the client's satisfaction, a possible optimization of the strategies, always and only in close harmony with the client's needs.
  7. He makes his choices addressing them to the identification of all the ways able to transmit a behaviour in continuous evolution and a change for the client himself.
  8. The choice of the most appropriate means keeps to the research criteria of absolute value and importance, in a suitable research of concreteness impregnated with an intellectual readiness toward a constantly changing reality to which we must be prepared.

* * * * *

"There are always two grounds in a relationship:

the honest one and the true one"

The Client and Rainmaker Lawyer: professional relatioship, personal relationship ethical value.

  1. The synergistic relationship between the client and the Rainmaker Lawyer has first of all the characters represented by the professionalism, which must necessarily follow a fair personal relationship, all supported by an ethically irreproachable behaviour.
  2. In his professional experience Lawyer Stefano Giancotti has seen how in the majority of cases, one of the characteristics of the professional relationship consists of the client's needs to feel constantly assisted: from here the absolute engagement of the Rainmaker Lawyer to go to the client's home when it is necessary because this is the starting point of all operations.
  3. With regard to the personal relationship, however, the Rainmaker Lawyer shows his intellectual honesty with regard to sensitivity of all those people whom it comes into contact with transparency, fairness and ethics, all essential components of a process of growth, in terms of economic and intellectual competitiveness.
  4. What concerns the ethical value, the Rainmaker Lawyer is a professional aware of his role so he guarantees the client the possibility of a fair and effective management of his business in general.

* * * * *

"Thinking is a matter,

having the talent to think is another issue"

Developing faithfull clients.

  1. Who is speaking to you, has been fighting an almost lonely battle for years to spread the vital function of the Rainmaker Lawyer, who is not the typical lawyer in the traditional sense, but is one who lives in the thoughts of the client, is his "alter ego" the other part of himself aimed at rationalizing his decision-making and motivational process in order to allow any type of goal.
  2. I love to call myself a healthy carrier of "business" and/or "resolutions", happily contagious.
  3. In this context, the developing faithfull clients thus assumes the characteristics of a real sense of mutual belonging between the Rainmaker Lawyer and the client who, also thanks to the help of a continuous exchange of consultations with the members of his "working team", will be able to incorporate in a valid way the most important concepts of the practical and revolutionary attitude ideal and tangibly persecutable that distinguishes Mr. Stefano Giancotti, as a Rainmaker Lawyer.

Thank you for your attention