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Rainmaker Attorney at law Stefano Giancotti


"Where all think alike,
nobody thinks very much"


Metodologia vincente


The change: the Rainmaker Lawyer

  1. Lawyer Stefano Giancotti is a member of the special list of lawyers admitted to plead before the Supreme Court and other Higher Courts, but in particular he is a Rainmaker Lawyer, a lawyer who, thanks to his own background of working experiences and contacts at level of community, of "cultural fit" and "moral suasion", produces a large amount of "business" and "resolutions": he is a weaver of contacts both in the working field and in social life, his principal feature is to build great "relationships".
  2. Rainmaker Lawyer you are born, not made: is a person who usually makes things happen, he is an individual of great respect that adopts a method consisting of a complete managing of the relation, aimed at rationalizing the decision-making process of the client, according to criteria that are logical and functional to his personal, professional or business choices and aimed at allowing any type of goal.
  3. He conforms to the dynamic reality of the social world as well as to the economic and business one personifying a proper "trust instrument" that is mainly logistical.
  4. It is a "trust instrument" for the operativeness of the "legal firms or department" as, having a specific ability of reading the internal dynamics and understanding the internal logic governing the relationship between lawyer and client and between the lawyers themselves, he stands as a Lateral Hire capable of bringing into the "problem" that decisive "added value" that the structure of the "legal firm or department" cannot provide completely because it is firmly anchored to its own policy, its style, its image, its "self" and, by its nature, more to its views than to the strategies of the client.
  5. A "legal firm or department" is usually strongly linked to its governance, which is a model without any right to vote and/or sharing of the reasons - often unusual - of his client, and is a causing factor of almost all the flights and divisions that occur within the same "firm" or within the relationship between lawyer and client.
  6. The oligarchy of a "legal firm or department" is never the result of a common vision with the client's or the employer's one, and who does not share the "diktat" of the top management is almost always forced to abandon the field, or undergo certain directives.
  7. Of course, it is inevitable that in any legal or counseling organization the "problem" is handled by a small group, especially when the client has no experience in the sector: this is because lawyers are professionals accustomed to be soloists, hardly available to combine with the client's expectations.
  8. That is why, not rarely, it is very convenient to hire a Rainmaker Lawyer, that is to focus on a Lateral Hire, operating outside a particular "governance", free and independent from "patterns of influence" that delivers amazing results.
  9. In a society where on one side there is the "private citizen" forced to adapt to the frenetic pace of new laws, and on the other hand, a "business world" more and more devoted to the markets increase and commercial development, it becomes decisive to use an appropriate professional for a regular and harmonious achievement of the targets one wants to reach.
  10. Attorney Stefano Giancotti, as a Rainmaker Lawyer, sets in this context as a real preventive emergency Task Force.
  11. He, within any public or private system, does not substitute the external consultancy, but serves as a strategic support function to the operativiness of the individual or the company and to the management activity in general.
  12. In other words it is a type of legal support to the "decisions", similar to the management control, financial service and the same "legal firm or department" you make use, too often you get to the Rainmaker Lawyer when it is late.

* * * * *

"If you want to achieve a goal

you don't need to be smarter than others,

you should only be one day ahead"

The BT Factor

  1. Today, just because of the frantic acceleration both of the social life and the business world it is commonplace to underestimate the "problem", to consider it only later according to the traditional way and with results that are not always positive.
  2. The analysises on the "point" have been made by Lawyer Stefano Giancotti, have highlighted a clear cultural lack due to the early activation of appropriate "tools of custody".
  3. New technologies, internationalization of markets, global competition, require new skills, new logics, new patterns of action, style, form and content that all together, set a clear distinction with respect to the modus operandi of the traditional legal profession that has become outdated compared to the needs of today's society except only for what seems inevitable the completion of the "cause" which, it is good to state, should be avoided at all costs because it is expensive and often ineffective.
  4. It is important to explain a basic concept: it is not the recourse to a lawyer (who, although specialized in a particular sector, operates in a static way) the "rule" or the "high road" for achieving one's own objectives taking into account that, for a longer time, the "European Directives" now aim at wiping out the "disputes" in general.
  5. The recent rules, such as the "mandatory mediaconciliation", are a clear example of this approach and have profoundly debased many degrees of "certainty" that until recently, however, were milestones.
  6. The professional background of Lawyer Stefano Giancotti, permeated in a constant "cultural fit" and "moral suasion", has since long identified a crucial and decisive moment as "starting point" to which pay the due attention: the BT Factor (before tension).
  7. The BT Factor is the element indicating particular events - often economically harmful -, it is the leitmotif of anxieties, worries, fears that dwell in the mood of both the "common man" and the "entrepreneur" whenever they have to face indecisions, insecurities, events or situations that create an impasse to their ownprojects and to their expectations.
  8. In this context, urges an immediate action aimed at managing the quid arising between the protagonists of the "relationship", whether it concerns "business" or "resolutions".
  9. Such a prevention intervention is a vital function that interposes in the dynamic reality of the social, economic and business world by means of a "specific direction" at whose source there is a strong ability to interpret the roles of the parties.
  10. Attorney Stefano Giancotti, as a Rainmaker Lawyer, satisfies these needs and, unlike other professionals, turns to a constant type of clients who over the time need to privilege and not to give up their own projects and expectations.
  11. In a society like today's one, devoted to a general globalization where nothing can be left to improvisation or an outdated modus operandi, it is always better to make use of an appropriate "trust instrument" that is able to combine in perfect harmony with the acceleration of our times.

* * * * *

"We disagree every time

we are forced to be in harmony with others"

The harmonic legal activity

  1. The reinterpretation of the legal activity, such as the one performed by the Lawyer Stefano Giancotti, sets with a style that is new, modern, appropriate and in close harmony with today's reality.
  2. In other words, with the approaching of the BT Factor, the professional skill of the Rainmaker Lawyer is used to privilege the interaction between the "people" instead of the "roles" (like, on the contrary happens in the case of traditional legal firm or department), and is designed to smooth out all those components of antagonism that only very rarely lead to satisfactory results, whether it is about "business" or "resolutions".
  3. In this way a harmonic legal activity based in a tendence towards a relation approach by means of a special "trust instrument" with uncommon qualities and features, is set.
  4. With the harmonic legal activity the Rainmaker Lawyer is always active and present, he takes advantage of his uncommon talent for synthesis and communication with diligence and commitment, he studies, evaluates and researches the solution to the "problem" quickly taking care of all aspects in the interest of his own client making a constant and continuous sequence of relational exchanges in order to privilege in a harmonious way only the "protagonists of the report".
    • Here are the qualities of a Rainmaker Lawyer:
      • To maintain a high degree of competence and update;
      • To monitor, measure and evaluate the results of his work;
      • To listen to the client;
      • To understand the client's world;
      • To be faithfull to the client;
      • To be able to work in any environment;
      • To carry always out a first class work;
      • To have a support staff.
    • Here are the characteristics of a Rainmaker Lawyer:
      • To be service oriented;
      • To be confident;
      • To be able to comunicate in an effective way;
      • To be sensitive to the etrepreneurial context;
      • To be considered as a player;
      • To visit the client on his own work place;
      • To comunicate with the client without using a "’legal language";
      • To keep the client informed about the development of his work;
      • To be always at his disposal;
      • To be honest;
      • Be honest and maintain a high standard of integrity;
      • Being committed to the rapid resolution of customer problem;
      • Clearly define the aims and objectives of the client.

* * * * *

"The work is the most difficult commitment ever,

and this is probably the reason why

very few people are dedicated to it"

Attorney Stefano Giancotti's "brand"

  1. Attorney Stefano Giancotti, is a member of the special list of lawyers admitted to plead before the Supreme Court and other Higher Courts, but in particular, he is a Rainmaker Lawyer, he has produced in these years a quality of services and work that have contributed to give him a strong reputation that has became a "brand", whose value has increased more and more over the time, thanks to his professional interventions in the following activity areas:
    • Corporate law
      • Mergers and Acquisitions, joint-ventures
      • Reorganization of family assets and properties
      • Corporate and business reorganizations
    • Banking law - financial law - insurance law
      • Capital markets and securities offerings
      • Corporate finance and financial reorganization transactions
      • Corporate financing and acquisition financing
      • Law of financial and banking intermediaries
      • Insurance law
    • Commercial law and commercial transactions
      • Sales agreements, domestic and international
      • Distribution agreements, supply agreements and agency agreements
    • Civil law, no profit institutions and social enterprise
      • Family law, wills and estates
      • Foundations, asso­ciations, no-profit organizations
      • Civil contracts, typical and atypical
    • Bankruptcy and insolvency
      • Assistance to insolvent firms
      • Restructuring, in court and out-of-court
      • Insolvency proceedings
    • Intellectual and industrial property law
      • Patents, trademarks, know how
      • Licence and technology transfer agreements
      • Unfair competition
      • IT law
    • Real Estate
      • Purchase and sale of real estates
      • Financing for the purchase of real estates
      • Real estate development transactions
  2. These interventions took place in several parts of the country and the growth elements have been a normal word of mouth, an effective use of networking and, in particular, a meaningful presence on platforms accessible to a wide audience, all in a sign that "Last but not least":
    • A/A di Angeloni Antonio s.n.c., ABC Impianti s.r.l., Anegada s.r.l., Adria Edil s.a.s., Aereomap s.r.l., Antica Sartoria Artigianale s.a.s., Attimi s.a.s., Balsamo Costruzioni S.p.A., Bar Lena di Abbate Giuseppe & C. s.n.c., Biraghi S.p.A., Canepa Dante Lorenzo s.n.c., Carim di Ciasullo Ciro s.a.s., 2C di Iazzetta Carlo s.a.s., Calzaturificio Megia s.a.s., Capitan 55 s.r.l., Ceramica Vavid s.r.l., Cicatelli s.a.s., C.M.I. s.n.c. di Formicola G. e A., CO.MA.PRE. S.p.A., Colutex s.n.c., Compagnia di Navigazione s.a.s., CRE.VI. s.r.l., D.B.S. Impianti s.n.c., De Luca Costruzioni s.a.s., Depi s.r.l., Desireč s.r.l., Dielle s.n.c., Dinuzzi Angelina s.a.s., Distillerie SIDAM di Barretta G. & C. s.a.s., Ditta Amato Paolo, Ditta Barrota Mario, Ditta Boscaglia Giovanni, Ditta Cancro Vincenzo, Ditta Capasso Michele, Ditta De Conciliis, Ditta Esposito Francesco, Ditta Limatola Gennaro, Ditta Naso Vincenzo, Ditta Parisi Ciro, Ditta Petrone Luciano, Ditta Pezzullo, Ditta Salierno Enrico, Ditta Scherani Annamaria, Ditta Scognamiglio Ferdinando, Ditta Teodonno Ciro, Ditta Viglione Raffaele, Dalma s.r.l., De Fonzo s.r.l., Derfo s.r.l., Doc 2 s.r.l., Donna č s.r.l., Edilmacchine s.a.s., Ediltecnica s.a.s., Elettrocavi Ross s.r.l., EL.IN. s.r.l., Elettromeccanica Te.Co. s.n.c., Esperanto s.r.l., Euro Strade s.a.s., F. L. 2000 s.n.c. di Fusco Luciano, Fa.e.mi s.a.s., Fintel S.p.A., F.lli Maletti S.p.A., F.lli Trasi s.a.s., Garden s.a.s., Gelormini s.a.s., Glavis s.r.l., Graziano Forti s.r.l., Grelan s.a.s., ICE Fischer s.a.s., Iced s.r.l., Il Notiziario Legale s.r.l., Incomet s.r.l., Ines Confezioni s.a.s., Infisud S.p.A., Iommelli s.a.s., I.T.P. s.r.l., Italgrani S.p.A., Ittierre S.p.A., Kostener Confezioni s.r.l., La Nuova Granata scrl, La Rosa s.r.l., Lastra Autotrasporti s.a.s., Lisa Calzaturificio s.r.l., Les Rideaux s.a.s., MC Volture s.r.l., Mercatino s.n.c., Miele Confezioni s.a.s., Milano 4 Stagioni s.a.s., Modazzurra s.a.s., Mon.el. s.r.l., Moscato Arturo s.a.s., Motorcenter s.r.l., Nial Borse s.a.s., Octa s.r.l., Olimpionica s.a.s., P&T Supermercati s.r.l., Parisi & C. s.a.s., Pollo King Sud s.n.c., Presbitero s.a.s., Promoplast s.r.l., Roypet s.r.l., Saromi Engineerings s.r.l., Sax s.a.s., Scognamiglio s.a.s., Seamond s.r.l., Sidam s.a.s., Simplitel s.r.l., Texas Impresit s.r.l., Ugo Colella s.r.l., Ulla s.n.c., Villa Russo S. p.A., Zarino Mario s.a.s., Zeta 3 s.a.s.

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