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Faq: answers to your questions


"Questions are never indiscreet. Answers sometimes are"




Questions and answers concerning your doubts about the use of a Rainmaker Lawyer and performance costs.


  1. I have already a lawyer, I trust and I feel good: why should I need Mr. Stefano Giancotti as a Rainmaker Lawyer?


If you have already a lawyer, maybe an important and organized "legal firm or department" to which you trust, you can certainly think that Lawyer Stefano Giancotti, as a Legal Rainmaker, is not necessary.


If you recall some of your past experiences and episodes of your professional and/or business life in which you stumbled, you will realize that today you could have a different opinion.


Indeed, the "legal firm or department" typical (in the traditional sense of the term) to which you have entrusted, although good, solid, impressive and good organized, although good and deep the relationship of trust between you and "it" can be, it still remains a structure that operates on the principle of independence of the profession and, therefore, with a traditional modus operandi that too often does not match your point of views and your goals when, precisely, the situation requires a type of intervention aimed at maintaining the market relationship and trading exchange you want to pursue.


Attorney Stefano Giancotti, in fact, as a Rainmaker Lawyer, while benefiting from the same "principle" does not use it as a shield , and lives by your side as your "alter ego" as the other part of you so much so that, by virtue of his intrinsic and unique cultural background and skills of persuasion, builds only in your specific interest all the "relations" which are useful for achieving the goals that you have set, in a "harmonious way" with respect to what could provide a traditional "legal firm or department".


If you consider this simple example: if you were to open a local unit of your business outside your area of pertinence, who would you turn to? To a real estate agent? To an ad on the internet? To your "legal firm or deparment" that in its turn referes to various correspondents? Or, rather, to a particular trust instrument that, under a concrete attitude, that is revolutionary, ideal for commercial development, is physically present, collects all the information useful for the specific initiative to be taken as if you were in first person, who makes all the necessary controls on the "market", who does everything is necessary to ensure the success of the operation?


The answer is obvious. You will surely choose this particular professional figure who works with a style more appropriate to the "market demand", to your needs and goals you want to reach: choose your "alter ego", choose a Rainmaker Lawyer!


Who trusts Mr. Stefano Giancotti, as a Rainmaker Lawyer, must know the difference between an advice given by a person who is obliged to exercise a professional activity for earning and who on the contrary can make an objective and impartial evaluation in the sole interest of the client.


The services of a "legal firm or department" are indirectly recognized by the customer because it performs its activities under a mandate: the Rainmaker Lawyer, on the contrary, has only a single contact, the client.


It is clear that the "legal firm or department" will not be able to work in the exclusive and total interest of the client and precisely because of that principle of independence of the profession mentioned above: the Rainmaker Lawyer, on the contrary, following the highest principles of integrity, objectivity, competence, loyalty, confidentiality, professionalism and diligence, has only his clients as a mission.


  1. Why is a Rainmaker Lawyer useful and effective?


The utility and effectiveness of using Lawyer Stefano Giancotti depends on your expectations of what you want to achieve through his recruitment.


Since the Rainmaker Lawyer puts himself as a special and exclusive partnership of you, and embodies the other part of you, it is useful to ask you if you really want to confront and accept new points of view and add new perspectives to your personal resources in comparison to the traditional indications you would get from the typical operativeness of a "legal firm or department" to which you generally trust in.


If the goal you want to reach concerns the achievement of targets and changes through a new, modern, fast style and a modus operandi in closer harmony with your needs, then the meeting with Mr. Stefano Giancotti, as a Rainmaker Lawyer, will be the most effective way for you to achieve the results you want.


  1. Do I need a Rainmaker Lawyer although I think that there are not other solutions for my problem?


Too often, when you are involved in first person, it is not easy to find the right solutions, even after consulting traditional experts and/or advisers that have already expressed their opinion on the "problem" without being able to get into the client's mind.


In such a situation to go to a Rainmaker Lawyer and speak to him since he is outside to any scheme of conditioning but has specific and objective features and peculiarities and has certainly the right measure and is certainly useful for a final decision.


Indeed, if Lawyer Stefano Giancotti believes he cannot in any way give a positive contribution to the objectives you want to reach, he will refuse the request by deducting all the aspects of the "case" and will trace all the "paths" that have led to such a conclusion.


  1. If my business activity is already good enough, why should I get Lawyer Stefano Giancotti as a Rainmaker Lawyer?


If your work goes well, the contribution of a Rainmaker Lawyer is "value added" and still useful for having new market opportunities and, therefore, new investments and profits: with an exclusive trust instrument, like the Rainmaker Lawyer, you can get more and bigger results.


  1. What benefits do I receive from a Rainmaker Lawyer if I already get a free advice from a "legal firm" or "Legal Department" of my company?


There is an advantage, and it is obvious for several reasons.


First of all you need to ask yourself if the advice made by your "legal firm and department" is really a advice, or if it is rather a simple assistance that in a simplistic way supports your complaints as well as your prospects about the strategies to put in practice.


This is because the advice, by its nature, must be impartial and has to censor also your work as an entrepreneur and must highlight the errors you made in any of your initiative.


The assistance, on the contrary is clearly influenced by the habit of the trust relatioship between you and the "legal firm" on which you rely, apart fro your lack of knowledge in the specific field and is for this reason that "legal firm" dominates and brings you to say at the end: ..."My lawyer told me that is so and that there is nothing to do"... or ..."My lawyer told me that if I want we can proceed with the cause"; and is, among other things, also influenced by the relationship you have with the components of the legal department of your company. Since the staff of the legal department are your employees, they are constantly driven to indulge your views and hardly likely to criticize your behavior and really censure your business behaviours and say what they really think and how it would have been necessary to go on in order to avoid the "conflict".


With the Rainmaker Lawyer all this may not take place because his peculiarities and methodologies that have been described previously: the professional, personal and ethical value that is established with the client, represent as a whole the only warranty out of the "system", which is not subject to conditions and/or pressure and, at the end, make you see with decision which is the best way to follow.


Then it should be important to verify if it is true that you do not pay the consulting presumed to be free!


As concerns the "legal firm", it is true that you do not pay the fee at the moment, but with no doubt, you will do it later in the aftermath of any action (even a simple letter) and regardless of the result.


With reference to your company's legal department, on the contrary you always pay regardless of any real consulting: do not forget that the members of the office your employees.


In conclusion, the reflection you have to do is only one: that no one does anything for nothing and that free consulting is as good as you pay for it, that's to say nothing... since you do not pay for it!


If it is free, there is an aim: either it is influenced by various interests, or is given passively only to keep the "client's relationship" because projected to future earnings, but certainly not to the satisfaction of your needs or the solutions you are looking for.


  1. What is the method used by the Lawyer Giancotti Stefano as a Rainmaker Lawyer?


The methodology of Mr. Stefano Giancotti, as a Rainmaker Lawyer, conforms with today's reality.


With the approaching of the BT Factor, mentioned on the home page, whether it deals with "business" or "resolutions", is put in place an activity that aims at dealing quickly with all aspects of the existing purpose doing, only in the interests of one's own client, a constant and continuous sequence of relational exchanges with the aim to privilege in a harmonious way only the "protagonists of the relationship".


No letters and/or communications of conflict, roles, as in the case of a traditional "legal firm or department", would ultimately enlarge the distance or dissent and keep away a potential commercial development and market opening possible, but on the contrary, a repeated physical presence aimed at building guarantees and deterrence aimed at not undermining the "concreteness" between the parties.


The four phases of the methodology of Lawyer Stefano Giancotti:


  1. How long does the performance of the Rainmaker Lawyer with a client last?


The duration of the performance is proportional to the complexity of the intervention and and depends on how many objectives the customer wants to achieve.


Nevertheless, according to the professional experience of Lawyer Stefano Giancotti, the average time of intervention of a Rainmaker Lawyer, in a average case , vary from 6/12 months that, however, might be influenced by other factors including: the complexity of the current situation compared to the situation desired by the customer, the types of personal or professional goals, the procedures shared with the customers who is always and remains the center of the action of the Rainmaker Lawyer.


  1. Where does the sevice of the Rainmaker Lawyer take place?


First of all the performance takes place at the client's site but immediately afterwards, also by all those "parties" with whom it is necessary to build great "relationships" as, being the Rainmaker Lawyer's ultimate aim to focus on the interaction between the "people" more than between the "roles", the work consists in smoothing any antagonism component intended to undermine the success expectation of any negotiations.


For these reasons, Mr. Stefano Giancotti, as Rainmaker Lawyer, ensures his presence in a repeated and constant way throughout all the country and abroad.


  1. How much does the service of Lawyer Stefano Giancotti as a Rainmaker Lawyer?


Lawyer Stefano Giancotti as a Rainmaker Lawyer, assures his presence at the client's domicile three times a month, ie every 10 days, as well as at the domicile of the other "parties" with whom it is necessary to build "relationships", regardless of the distances he must travel.


Net of documentary expenses, also including travel expenses, there are 2 options:

  1. for a minimum period of 6 months, the service is equal to € 6.000,00 plus additional fees;
  2. for a maximum period of one year, the service  is equal to € 8.500,00 plus additional fees.

Thank you for your attention